FA-7002 Smart camera fog generator
FA-7002 Smart camera fog generator
FA-7002 Smart camera fog generator
FA-7002 Smart camera fog generator
FA-7002 Smart camera fog generator
FA-7002 Smart camera fog generator
FA-7002 Smart camera fog generator
FA-7002 Smart camera fog generator

FA-7002 Smart camera fog generator

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Advanced Security Fog Generator w/ HD Camera

The FA-7002 Smart is the upgraded version of the FA-7001. The advanced system comes with all of the benefits and features of the original PLUS the added bonus of an HD camera and two additional fog canisters. The HD camera and trio of fog canisters provide you and your property with additional safety and maximum fog defense.

Benefits and Features

The FA-7002 Smart comes with ALL of the benefits and features of the FA-7001, plus


Sensors that detect any movement at least 45 seconds prior to getting a call from your alarm company.


The loud alarm on your phone upon detection. This notification comes in way before your regular alarm goes off and before the alarm company calls you. There's no lead time.

Vocal Warning

The system has a voice recording feature, warning the intruder to leave or else he'll be fogged.


Loud alarm after the warning, louder than your regular security alarm.


A 360º degree fisheye lens and night vision camera giving you instant access to your store or home so you can evaluate the situation and make the decision to activate the fog. The camera can also be used for regular surveillance and to watch your business or your loved ones, making sure they're safe.

Two-Way Audio

The system offers you the ability to talk to the intruder, to warn or scare him. It has been proven that a security system with two-way audio is more effective in deterring the intruder than a system with just an alarm. This feature can also be used for emergency communication with your employees and/or family members.


The system has a recording feature. You can use your phone's memory or use an SD card, which you can insert into the system for storage.


You can take instant snapshots on your phone of situations or incidents which you need proof of.

Battery Backup

Has an inbuilt battery backup in case of a power failure or if the intruder cuts off the power cables to disconnect your regular alarm system.


You can share the app with 2 more users in your family or from work who will have access to the system in case you're not available.


Most importantly, being able to deter the intruder and stop the burglary attempt by fogging the place and making it possible for him to see anything and to steal anything.

Mobile App

All this in the convenience of your palm. The system and features can be controlled and used with ease and convenience while on the go through our mobile-friendly app compatible with Apple iOS and Android mobile operating systems.

Power Failure Notification

Gives you instant notifications upon power failure at your home or business. This helps you become more alert and monitor your home or business to verify if it's a foul play and take necessary actions. Your alarm company doesn't inform you about power failures. It may seem like a small issue, but that's the starting point to a planned robbery. Think about it!


Fog Armed provides safety in style. Our sleek and stylish designs are well suited for both commercial and residential use. Both the FA-7001 and FA-7002 Smart are available in a variety of different colors and finishes to perfectly suit the décor and style of your home or business. We are sure you’ll find a style that suits the design of your business and effortlessly matches the interior décor of your home.

9.05" inches wide, 3.97" inches tall
Top View

9.05" inches wide, 3.97" inches tall & 9.05" inches in length
Front & Back

Fast, simple, easy installation in a matter of minutes. No trained technician required.

The FA-7002 Smart is as easy to setup as the FA-7001. It only requires your mobile phone, a Wi-Fi router, your device and its standard cables so you can be fully equipped and protected in no time.

FA-7002 Smart Technical Specifications

See the FA-7002 Smart in action!

What comes with your Fog Armed?

Included in every box:

  • 1 DCV12/VA power cable

  • 1 Fog Armed Remote Control for manual activation

  • 1 Wall and ceiling mounting brackets

  • 1 Fog Armed mobile app download token

  • Instruction Manuals & Guides

  • 1-Year Warranty*