Breathable Silicone Mask
Breathable Silicone Mask
Breathable Silicone Mask

Breathable Silicone Mask

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Food grade silicone that's easily adjustable, made for protection and comfort!

Today, there are many kinds of wearable products in the world to counter dirty air, but few of them are truly useful. The BROAD AirPro H13 HEPA Filter is an ultra-light rechargeable super filter that everyone can afford. It can filter PM2.5 by 99.9%, protecting people from air pollution anytime, anywhere. In addition, it can increase breathing volume, making people feel more refreshed and energetic.

Benefits and Features

  • High temperature resistant silicone material

  • Disinfect the silicone via boiling water or high temperatures

  • 5 layers FFP2 grade protection, activated carbon filtration

  • Large vent area for smooth breathing

  • Adjustable ear band, suitable for children and adults, can match adapter

Four levels of adjustment, can be worn in different head shapes.

No odor, highly breathable!

Covert security. Does not leak bacteria.

95% efficiency, because protecting your health is our responsibility.

Thickened meltblown cloth. Safe and secure use.

What's inside the box?

  • Breathable Silicone Mask
  • 5-layers FFP2 grade protection filter
  • Filter mount
  • Outer filter cover
  • Adjustable strap