AIM Forensic Security System
AIM Forensic Security System
AIM Forensic Security System

AIM Forensic Security System

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The Problem

Over the next 20 years, it's projected that 75% of the homes in the US will be broken into.

Predictive analytics show that three out of four homes in the US will be burglarized at some point in the next 20 years. No matter how safe the neighborhood is, most homes are at risk of burglary. This information might come as a shock if you've never wondered "What are the chances of your house getting robbed?".

28% of burglaries occur with someone still in the house.

FBI burglary statistics say that there's someone still in the house in 28% of burglaries. It can be quite dangerous to catch the thieves off guard when they think there's no one in the house they're breaking into. More than 25% of those who interrupt burglars become victims of violent crimes. Out of one million cases of household members being present during a burglary, 266, 560 ended in them becoming victims of a violent crime. In 15% of the cases, the crime was classified as a simple assault. Home burglary statistics for 2018 showed that robbery occurred in 7% of the cases, while rape occurred in 3% of the cases. Serious injuries occurred in 9% of the cases, while minor injuries were sustained in 36% of the cases.

81% of burglaries gain entry through the first floor. 

Most burglars take the easiest way to break in through the first floor. 81% of them won't climb up to check for an unlocked windows upstairs, and they would rather take their chances with the ground floor. 34% of burglars enter through the front door.

Statistics show that every 25th burglar simply walks into the house they're targeting through an unlocked door. Some neighborhoods offer a strong sense of security, and people living there just don't lock their doors, which can prove to be a fatal mistake. No matter how safe your area is, locking your door is the least you can do to keep your family and your home safe. Home security statistics for 2019 point out that 1 in 8 burglars picks a lock in order to enter the premises.

22% go in through the back door.

22% of burglars try to remain a bit more stealthy and avoid the attention that knocking down someone's front door can bring, so they choose the back door as their entry point.

The Solution!

AIM™ Forensic Security Systems - The ultimate burglar deterrent!

The AIM™ forensic security system has been specially designed to deter forced entry. It features a high security door chain, a high decibel alarm and most importantly a unique DNA intruder marking system.

This means that if an AIM™ secured door has been attacked a high decibel alarm is immediately activated to warn off the intruder. But that's not all - the would-be intruder will also be marked with a forensically traceable DNA spray.

Benefits and Features

High Security

A case hardened security chain. Designed to withstand high impact on attempted forced entry.


A high decibel alarm that will disorientate and scare off intruders. More than 6 minutes of continuous sound!

DNA Spray

Each AIM™ system contains a uniquely coded DNA tagging spray. The spray is quick drying and virtually impossible to remove.

UV Maker

Emits and UV tracer which is only visible under an ultra violet light. Fluorescent bright blue color for easy identification - helps police identify the intruder.

Property Linked

When AIM™ is registered, the unique DNA code is linked to your address - and the entrance it has been installed on. If an intruder forces an AIM™ secured door and is covered with the DNA spray they are inarguably linked to that particular scene.

International Security Register

All information is stored securely on the police approved International Security Register. police have immediate access for verification 24/7 365 days a year via an online police portal.

How AIM™ does it work?

When the product installation is complete, the forensic code on the canister has to be registered with the homeowner's details at:

• Registering the AIM™ Forensic Security System links the product to the installed property.

• The allows the police to check the register in the event of the product being activated in an attempted forced entry.

• To register AIM™ with the International Security Register, please click here.

But when AIM™ detects that someone has attempted to force the door its advanced security system is activated.

• A high decibel alarm will disorientate and scare off intruders. At the same time, the AIM™ Forensic Security System fires into action and covers the intruder with an invisible quick drying DNA coded spray that forensically links them to the crime scene.

Any intruder marked with the DNA coded spray is then traceable to the registered address.

• They've now been linked to the scene of the crime and don't know it!

• The police can detect the spray using ultra-violet light, and trace the criminal to the record on the International Security Register.

Why the AIM™ Forensic Security System is a must!

  1. It's the first of its kind in the DNA Security System technology being offered in the USA for homes.

  2. No worries during power failure or Wi-Fi being down. This product will still work and provide you the security you need.

  3. Most burglars nowadays are dressing up as delivery guys from mega online eCommerce shopping sites, or courier companies, etc. and trying to barge in when you open the door. With the latch on, they won't be able to do so. In a situation like this, even your camera doorbell won't help because you open the door in excitement seeing a delivery for you.

  4. Even when your camera systems fail to identify them because they're wearing a mask, and when they leave no fingerprints because they're wearing gloves. AIM¡ helps to trace them with the help of the DNA Spray on them. Also the loud 6 minute long siren, which even the neighbors can hear will force him to leave before he's detected and apprehended.

Take your home security to the next level!

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