Warnings & Limitations

In case of fog generator activation, we recommend doing the following:

  1. Never touch the nozzle or the grille in front of the nozzle. It may be hot and touching it may cause burns. Do not look directly into the nozzle.

  2. Flammable or heat-sensitive objects must be placed at least 35cm from the nozzle.

  3. Don not stand for too long in the saturated smoke. Ventilate the premises for at least 20 minutes within one hour of fog generation.

  4. The system is manufactured for use in a dry, indoor environment and therefore must not be placed outdoors or in damp rooms.

  5. Keep away from fire or high temperature areas.

  6. Do not have pets in and around the area where the fog generators are installed. Please make sure they’re not in the same room during activation.

  7. Even though our security system is designed to protect, prevent and foil robberies, we do not guarantee the same.

Your safety is always our concern!


  1. Under power off conditions FA-7001 will not function. The FA-7002 Smart will switch to the battery backup and can be activated even during power off conditions.

  2. When the smoke generator is triggered, it will activate the smoke detectors and sprinklers. It will not activate thermal detectors or CO detectors. Please take necessary precautions to avoid unnecessary lost.