Safe customers are happy customers. Fog Armed Security Systems offer effective and innovative security solutions for a wide variety of customers. No project is too big or too small.

As a home or business owner, it is important to have a plan of action that will help protect you and your belongings. Crime statistics reveal that the  average robbery is committed within 3 to 8 minutes! Imagine losing items of financial and sentimental value, in such a short space of time.

Unfortunately, theft and burglary attempts are made frequently, but we can take precautions against this. Our Security Fog Generator is a technologically advanced method of theft prevention. The thick fog deters the perpetrator by clouding their vision and taking away their opportunity to steal. This provides you with a higher level of protection and minimizes the chance of risk.

"Remember, they can't steal, what they can't see!"

 The solution is made with food grade materials and does not contain any harmful substances. There would be no damage caused and no residue left after fog activation. We guarantee that Fog Armed Security Systems are a great investment. Supplying a great reward of high security and more peace of mind. Fog Armed takes pride in keeping your home, business and valuables secured.

Suitable for Any Location

Because of its technologically advanced methods of theft prevention, Fog Armed is the perfect add-on to your new or current security system, granting you top level protection to your home and business, no matter where it's located or the type of business it is. Below is a list of locations we suggest when deciding on where to add your Fog Armed Security System.

• Banks

• 24 hour ATM's with cash replenish room

• Jewelry, watch and antique shops

• Gas Stations & Convenience Stores

• Liquor & Smoke Shops

• Clubs & Restaurants

• Homes and Apartments

• Offices

• Shopping Malls

• Warehouses

• Supermarkets

• Educational Institutions

• Places of Worship

• Other places of mass gathering

In the last couple of years, we have unfortunately witnessed quite a few mass shootings, some of them due to break ins. One triggered and activated correctly, this divide will help in the reduction of casualties from such events by making the burglar or shooter blind with zero visibility, keeping your premises under control and well protected.