High Performance, Low Maintenance

Fog Armed Security Systems are easy to install, set up and maintain. Even with their high performance, our systems are low maintenance and do not require much work or attention from you. To maintain the high quality of the system, it should be kept clean and free from dust. It is also recommended to have a service check at least once every 6 months to get the best value out of your security fog generator.
Reliability is crucial to the effectiveness of your security system, your feeling of safety and the financial consequences of a burglary. While we take all measure and precautions to ensure quality of our system, we recommend a service check once every 6 months.
 Our fog system doesn't require a lot of maintenance and attention from you, but it is advisable to do the following:
  1. Check that the LED Diode on the front is with the green ALL OK light
  2. Visual inspection of the nozzle to make sure its free from any foreign bodies
  3. Dust it and keep it clean