About Us

The Fog Armed Security Fog Generator is a game changer in the security industry! Installing this advanced technology enhances your security system from passive defense to active intervention. Investing in this equipment from Fog Armed will provide a higher level of protection and minimise the risk of theft.

In recent years, there has been plenty of research and development within the security industry. This has encouraged more refinement of products and new technologies. As a result, consumers have numerous options to choose from. However, many of these products are simply passive security measures. For example, in the unfortunate event of a break in, alarm systems can alert, surveillance systems can record, but these devices alone cannot actively protect! Alarm systems are useful at the start to inform you of the situation. Surveillance systems are helpful for evidence collection after the event... but what about during the actual incident? Imagine the thought of such a vulnerable moment. You would require an active security measure for added protection.

Fog Armed Security Systems provide a practical approach to theft prevention. Our security fog generator is a technologically advanced method of theft prevention. Installing this device will enhance your security system from passive defense to active intervention. The act of theft, burglary and robbery can be extremely devastating to victims. Those affected by these crimes suffer a loss, while criminals only see opportunities to gain. Perpetrators act very quickly, stealing what they can in rapid time. Crime statistics show that the average robbery only takes between 3 to 8 minutes! Imagine the thought of losing what matters the most, in such a short space of time. In the event of a break in, intruders are usually aware of traditional alarms and surveillance systems. They are often disguised with masks, wear gloves and plan their getaway in advance. Avoiding getting caught or leaving any evidence tracing them back to the scene. There is a small window of opportunity from the time the alarm sounds and law enforcement are informed. The offenders use this time to quickly steal what they can and then flee. It is for this reason that an active security measure should also be in place for added protection. This need for practical and active theft prevention is what generated the idea of Fog Armed.

We are excited to present effective and innovative security solutions for businesses and homes. Fog Armed Security Systems are the perfect supplement to traditional devices, enhancing them from passive defense to active intervention.

Our Security Fog Generator can disorient and deter intruders, stopping them within the first few seconds of an attempt. Once activated, the fog generator would release dense fog, quickly filling the room. This would drastically reduce visibility, making it hard for thieves to take any belongings.

“Remember, they can’t steal what they can’t see!”



The fog generator also adds an element of surprise to the intruder. The activation of thick fog would confuse and interrupt their plans, deterring them from stealing anything. Even though the fog is not harmful, the intruder is unaware of this. Being clouded by this obscure fog would force them to leave in fear. Being under the assumption that the fog is a toxic chemical substance such as tear gas or pepper spray. The fact the perpetrator is forced to quickly leave your property, takes away the opportunity for them to steal or cause any damage. This adds an extra level of protection to you.

“Don’t just get informed, get protected!"