BROAD AirPro Mask
BROAD AirPro Mask
BROAD AirPro Mask
BROAD AirPro Mask
BROAD AirPro Mask
BROAD AirPro Mask
BROAD AirPro Mask
BROAD AirPro Mask
BROAD AirPro Mask
BROAD AirPro Mask
BROAD AirPro Mask
BROAD AirPro Mask

BROAD AirPro Mask

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Rechargeable, affordable, and extremely lightweight!

The BROAD AirPro Mask, best know for being the shelter in smoggy weather, the support for miners, construction workers, and medical personnel during epidemic diseases, as well as the hope of survival for respiratory patients, is the top-of-the-line solution when it comes to air purifying face masks.

Due to the current pandemic events we are all facing globally, a need for air filtering masks has been raised in order to help combat disease. As we all know, face masks come in all shapes and sizes, some of them even offer features that a regular face mask can’t offer. The BROAD AirPro Mask, not only is it rechargeable, affordable and an extremely light air purifier, it can filter PM2.5 by 99%, completely eliminating pollutants. It can also enlarge its respiratory capacity, providing you with more comfort and energy during use.

Benefits and Features

The BROAD AirPro Mask not only comes with all the above-mentioned features, but it also comes with...

  • Mask and Filter Replacement

  • Air Volume Adjustment

  • USB port for quick, easy charging

  • Active Carbon Fiber filter (optional)

  • 3.7V Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery

  • Light indicator for battery monitoring

  • Prevention of cross-infection in crowded places

  • High Filtration Efficiency HEPA H13 filter

  • 3D Three-Dimensional Mask fits human faces comfortably

High Filtration Efficiency

H13 grade HEPA high-efficiency filter material, 99.9% filter PM2.5 particles, and 99.39% filter bacteria in the air, combined working with active carbon fiber slice (optional), effectively intercept poisonous gas, dust fines, hair, pollen, chemicals, second-hand smoke, and other harmful substances.

Filter design features:

1. Strong Folding

2. 3mm Angle Spacing

3. Laser Precise Positioning 

The HEPA filter element can be used for 500 hours, so you can replace it every 1.5 - 2 months (based on 8 hours/day usage), the consumables only cost 3 cents per day.

Dirty Air Interrupter, Fresh Clean Air Provider with Low Power Consumption

Three different speed level air volumes:

Low Level - 12 hours of operation at 1.18 CFM

Mid Level - 8 hours of operation at 1.77 CFM

High Level - 6 hours of operating at 2.35 CFM

Unique Large Circulation Power Ventilation System

Innovative honeycomb air intake cover, three-dimensional strengthened air intake, reducing wind resistance. Spiral widening air duct design makes airflow more smooth.

1650 RPM Axial flow fan and inclination fan blade impeller are used. Compared with most common fans, it has the characteristics of faster speed, larger air volume, and stronger boosting power, so that the clean air passing through the filter element can be conveyed without stopping.

Where can I use my BROAD AirPro Mask?

Outdoor Exercise & Sports

The AirPro can be used at any kind of outdoor sports and exercise such as protect joggers, cycling enthusiasts, and fitness people from exhaust fumes, which also could increase the air volume for human breathing.

Travel, Walk & Transport

The BROAD AirPro can be used at any kind of hazard condition to protect those people who walk outdoors, works indoors, or travels in public transportation.

Construction & Workshops

BROAD AirPro can be used at any kind of construction and workshop under the dusty, smokey, or smelly environment, enabling protection to the welders, miners, and decorating workers.

Clinics and Hospitals

The BROAD AirPro can be used at any kind of regular clinics and hospitals, protecting the doctors and nurses working in the patient rooms.

 Click the video below to see the BROAD AirPro Mask in action!


This is a positive pressure mask. It helps add protection to you from all kinds of pollutants outside of your breathing zone. However, if you are sick or known to carry any virus, using BROAD AirPro Mask will not prevent you from spreading viruses to others. The included mask is the N95 safety mask, which is the mask commonly recommended by users and us at Fog Armed Security Systems for maximum air-breathing protection.

No Refund Policy

BROAD AirPro Mask and BROAD AirPro Mask accessories are non-refundable due to masks and filtering system being personal use items. Please consider carefully before purchasing.

Free your air of allergens, smoke, and viruses with the best ultralight air solution anywhere you go.

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